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Shawna Cooper

shawna nashville.jpg

Shawna has been making things as long as she can remember. She studied fine arts at Queens and attended OCA (OCAD) in the 1980's. With a background in design, printmaking and painting she has applied these to 40 + years of making,  criss crossing fine art and craft throughout. 

In the fall of 2019, Shawna started exploring clay for the first time since high school. The process has been an exciting (and challenging) exploration of integrating aspects of design, painting and textile. Shawna is creating usable objects and sculptural pieces in clay while experimenting with colour, texture and form.

Clay has proven to be a passion. The fact that any finished piece has withstood two firings and a myriad of opportunities to be compromised or break make each finished piece a cherished survivor.

Instagram - @shawnafcooper 

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